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Life is a race. That’s not a new concept at all, right? Even the Bible uses that analogy in Hebrews 12:1. But as scholars note, the word ‘race’ in that verse comes from the root word ‘agon’, from which we derive the English word ‘agony’. And isn’t that just what life is at times? An agonising race in which we’re all too often battling people, situations — even ourselves?

This blog was born out of a deep desire to encourage young Christians as they attempt to run this race. Whether it’s a personal struggle that brought you here, or a search for answers to cultural or theological debates, we hope — through our content — to point you to the cross, and to the only One who can help you defeat sin and death once and for all: Jesus Christ, in whom are life, rest and joy forevermore.

But why 'But God'?

Have you ever noticed the phrase ‘But God’ in your Bible? Chances are: you have — and skated right past it. Take a closer look. From Genesis to 1 Samuel and Acts to Ephesians, almost every time the phrase occurs, it is to signal a change of scene. And each time, it is God stepping into the picture to powerfully upend a messed-up world again.

The Bible tells of countless such rescue missions — but the greatest of all was when Christ stepped in to die for His enemies and offer them (us!) life after death. If that is true — it changes everything. Including your reason for living.

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” — Romans 5:8

The Christian life is beset with struggles, but His children will always be able to testify of incredible ‘But God’ moments in their lives. We hope this blog will serve as a reminder of these truths and encourage you to endure till He returns or calls us home.



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