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Grieving well
Christ’s death
Root of prayerlessness
Christians and voting
The ‘problem’ in marriage
Children and blessing
Suffering together
Churches and LGBTQ+
In our misery
Instruments in the church
Scripture and the Authority of God
Understanding the Church – Part 1
Christians in power
A hidden life
Offering forgiveness
Psalm 18
Who is Jesus
Preaching to an empty room
Having children
Facts from John
Thinking about death
Knowing God
Jesus’ return
Psalm 17
Victory over sin
Salvation – Pt 1
Workplace values
Spiritual gifts
Loving the church
Shadows of a perfect Father
Is God a narcissist?
To be served
“Group baptisms”
Basics about sin
This Momentary Marriage
Afflicted Saint
‘Ministry begins in the church’
The hypostatic union
Being human
Refuge from uncertainty
Psalm 14
Trance and the gospel
Passive Christianity
Good news
Better than Christians
Demonic powers
Blameless living
True worship
How should Christians understand war?
Polarised Christianity
Guidelines for the grey areas
Is it important to share our past with potential life partners?
Why God created the devil
Purpose of missions
Toxic relationships
Marital future for a homosexual
Plurality of elders
Does studying about end-times affect our daily Christian lives?
From shepherd to king
Should I move out after getting married?
A ‘hesed’ kind of love
Why do I not feel forgiven?
How does the Bible define ‘equality’?
Why did God command baptism?
Psalm 12: When people cannot be trusted, God can
Is God ‘furious?’
Are trials worth it? – Part 3
How does the Bible define justice?
How to develop spiritual discipline
Are trials worth it? – Part 2
Identifying mental health illnesses
Praying when life breaks us
Are trials worth it? – Pt 1
Defining mental health
Just be faithful
Accidental Pharisees
Guardrails against sin
Is God against riches?
The scandal of the Incarnation
Waiting is not wasteful
Spiritual Gifts – Pt 12
Why does Peter call women “weaker vessels?”
What does Christmas have to do with abortion?
Christ is born for you
Serving God while living in unrepentant sin
Are similar callings required for marriage?
God and sinners reconciled
Lessons from the early church
Spiritual Gifts – Pt 11
How does the Bible define ‘free will’?
Our holy calling
Why did God kill Uzzah?
Spiritual Gifts – Part 10
Is the Bible for capital punishment?
Psalm 3
Really, count your blessings!
Mental health vs faith
How was John able to offer a baptism of repentance?
Struggle to evangelise
Forgiving what we can’t forget
Does the Bible address mental health?
What is the Messianic Secret?
The fallacies of relativism
Is God an afterthought?
Spiritual Gifts – Pt 9
What is the unforgivable sin?
The path to joy
Lessons from Luther: dying well
Spiritual Gifts – Pt 8
What does Mark 4:21-25 mean?
The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill: Christianity Today
Holy lips and holy legacies
Spiritual Gifts – Pt 7
Does each of us have a guardian angel?
When God blesses the enemy
The fruit of the Spirit – Part 3
Spiritual Gifts – Pt 6
What does Mark 2:21-22 mean?
The true meaning of grace
The fruit of the Spirit – Part 2
A people for His possession
Why did Judas betray Jesus with a kiss?
The transformation of James
The fruit of the Spirit – Part 1
Does culture matter when it comes to dating?
Is feminism compatible with the gospel?
You only live once — then comes judgement
How did Jesus not know when He would return?
Discipline is not legalism
The Lord, your Shade
What does ‘the abomination of desolation’ in Mark 13 mean?
Will God dwell with men?
Sara’S, abortion, and the debate that fell flat
Help, I can’t stop swearing
Who did Christ die for? The argument for limited atonement
Surprised by Hope: NT Wright
How do I deal with jealousy?
Who did Christ die for? The argument for unlimited atonement
The basics of church discipline – Part 3
Making sense of war
Why is fornication a sin, apart from God saying so?
Hosea is not about Hosea
Satisfied in God alone
Beyond thoughts and prayers
Did God have double standards on polygamy?
Let’s forget about ourselves
Where are the Stephens today?
Does tolerance mean compromising convictions?
Will we know our loved ones in heaven?
Walking with the Shepherd (Part 1)
The joyous transformation
How to measure spiritual maturity
Good to eat: did Jesus contradict the OT?
The joys of memorising Scripture
Lessons en route to Golgotha — Part 3
The antidote to spiritual confusion
Does Scripture promote vegetarianism?
Is it good to be a fundamentalist Christian?
The husband’s handbook: A call to covenant
Lessons en route to Golgotha — Part 2
I doubt if I’m saved; does that mean I’m not?
4 reasons why pastors should take a sabbatical
Faith: a mere product of indoctrination?
Lessons en route to Golgotha — Part 1
Is there OT evidence for the Trinity?
The greatest story of all involves you
The secret to peace on earth
We serve a generous King
Did Jesus break the Law?
Train up your child
How to develop discernment
For the church that wants to confront abuse
Can men of all personality types be spiritual leaders at home?
His ways are not my ways
How can we, practically, have victory over sin?
Corporate worship
Help! I’ve forgiven, but can’t forget
The good gift of conscience
Failures of Eli — Part 4
Loving a hard-to-love-church
Whom should we address our prayers to: Father, Son or Holy Spirit?
‘It was a slow, weaning process to move on to missions’
The failures of Eli – Part 3
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: John Mark Comer
What are miracles? Do they still exist?
Dads, are you ready to lead?
Why is Jesus taking so long to return?
Unanswered questions
Why did God create people, if only to send some to hell?
Why discipleship matters in the local church
The failures of Eli – Part 2
Finding true security
How should believers respond to the Israel-Palestine conflict?
He is Immanuel, God with us
The failures of Eli – Part 1
We will reap what we sow
Is the Bible too outdated for modern living?
‘Every day, I watch people die — but death is not my primary fear’
Mental health matters: Hope for the Afflicted
‘Time and prayer are the best ways to invest in the life of children’
Can we sing songs by Hillsong, Elevation Worship and Bethel Music?
The Holy Spirit and the Prince – Part II
The worth of two mites
Should we pray for things we know will not change in this life?
Mary, Mary and Salome: Journey to the cross
The discipline of being still
Remember, consider, imitate
My mother-in-law ill-treats me. What can I do?
To the parents of crying babies
The church and politics: A Roman history lesson
Jacob’s limp: Learning to lean on God
Where do souls go after death?
An eternal Spring is coming
‘There’s nothing mystical about “the call” — we are called to serve’
The 10 Commandments – Part 5
Why is the tribe of Dan missing from the 144,000 in Revelation?
Are secular jobs less valuable to the Lord?
The Holy Spirit and the Prince – Part 1
The 10 Commandments – Part 4
My church doesn’t preach about hell. Is that a problem?
Be wise, weigh your words
Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Ben Stuart
The 10 Commandments – Part 3
Where did the first sin come from?
WWJD about an INTJ?
Look to the larks
The 10 Commandments – Part 2
Why is there no proof for the existence of Leviathan?
Grace and truth for the sexually broken
When Jesus was astonished
The 10 Commandments – Part 1
Is psychology a false religion?
Remember Ravi
‘None of them knew what a family was like; all of them needed God’
Can I smoke marijuana for health reasons?
Does God actually care about you?
The foolishness of favouritism
Does God answer the prayers of unbelievers?
Is Jesus truly your Lord?
The light of the world is Jesus
Time to tune out
Is it wrong to opt for cremation?
What kind of guy is Jesus?
Are you serving too much?
The fallacy of Critical Race Theory
What is faith and what is foolish?
‘We’re less worried about what might happen… We’ve seen God restore’
Leadership means equipping others – Pt 4
The meaning of the Magi
Do ancestral curses still exist?
What will heaven truly look like?
Leadership means equipping others – Pt 3
Confronting Christianity: Rebecca McLaughlin
Why does God allow evil governments into power?
Are you walking blind?
Leadership means equipping others – Pt 2
Do you have the right identity?
How should churches deal with gender dysphoria?
Polished for Him
Leadership means equipping others – Pt 1
Mercies in the dark
3 W’s for the New Year
Writing to Wormwood
Understanding critical race theory
Why was Paul preaching baptism for the dead?
‘Our peace is in knowing that salvation belongs to the Lord’
When God judges a nation
‘Change doesn’t start in the White House, it starts in your house’
The Trinity, explained
Why does blood need to be shed for sin to be forgiven?
The man who wouldn’t be silenced
Understanding the Church – Part 6
Creeds: What do we really have to believe?
Can social justice go hand-in-hand with Biblical justice?
How should churches respond to abortion?
Jesus is the new Israel
God (alone) is trustworthy
You are creation’s crowning glory
Why do Christians suffer despite what Psalm 91 promises?
Jesus, our forever Friend
Great expectations in 2021
‘It’s not your ability to fit in that will turn hearts to Christ’
Is there historical evidence that Jesus existed?
Celebration of Discipline: Richard Foster
Christ was born for you
Why do churches celebrate Christmas?
The most marvellous meditation
Understanding the Church – Part 5
Are you a Noah or a Lot?
Is it selfish for growing believers to change churches?
The refuge set before us
When God wants you to wait
How to share the gospel
If a Christian takes his own life, will he still go to heaven?
Struck down, but not destroyed
Believing is seeing
Are you still waiting for ‘the call’?
Where did Jesus go after He died?
‘Consistency and caring can go a long way’
Salt and light
The greatest resolution
How can Paul “fill up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions”?
The piety of a patriarch
Understanding the Church – Part 4
The secret to restoring your prayer life
Do some OT stories show that God is unjust?
Encouragement for soldiers of the cross
Jars of clay
Blest Be the Tie That Binds
What does the Bible say about abuse in Christian families?
Psalm 118: The Lord loves like no other
Learning to back down
The still voice
Can we doubt someone’s salvation?
Only one platform will stand forever
‘We came down with a manual… The Lord handed us a new one’
Your spouse is not your enemy
Does it matter if Christians vote?
Biblical Preaching: Haddon Robinson
When you can’t pray
Good grief is what we need
Why do some churches affirm the LGBTQ stance?
Understanding the Church – Part 3
Psalm 20: Encouraging brethren in the Lord
Are children really a blessing?
How does Christ’s sacrifice cover sins after His death?
Learning to suffer together
The song of the vineyard
The root of prayerlessness
Are corporate apologies biblical?
Waiting for the doors to open
Don’t dwell on the past
‘We constantly remind them they cannot hold both Christian and witchcraft beliefs’
Will we really see God face to face?
Always on His mind
Psalm 19: A different kind of security
Christian, God delights in you
Is it a sin to download movies and music through torrents?
Would you thank God for a tragedy?
Called to suffer, yet not without hope
Hopeful Few
Is it sinful to not want children for yourself?
Reading the news to the glory of God
When the clock won’t stop
Are you being Christ-like at work?
What can the church do to improve the quality of its preaching ministry?
Understanding the Church – Part 2
Trusting God through confusion
Encouraging transparency in the body of Christ
How can God have regrets?
Even death will die
‘Without the Spirit of God working in us and through us, our work is in vain’
The beauty of a hidden life
Was it wrong for the disciples to choose Matthias as the 12th apostle?
Psalm 18: God, our defence and strength
Scripture and the Authority of God: N. T. Wright
Hall of Faith
Why does Matthew tell us to forgive, yet judge an offending brother?
Who is Jesus and what difference does it make?
Understanding the Church – Part 1
How can Christians in positions of authority ensure fairness in their dealings?
Is KJV the only reliable translation?
The Branch of the Lord
His mercies in our misery
Watch your words (especially during a presidential campaign)
Is it wrong to use musical instruments in church services?
Is He Worthy?
The decline of the assemblies
‘There is an ocean of needs and we only have a thimble’
How can we, practically, have victory over sin?
This is grace
Psalm 17: God honours purity
12 Christ-exalting facts from the Gospel of John
Will Jesus return only after all the world has heard the gospel?
A life devoted to knowing God: J. I. Packer (1926-2020)
We serve a generous King
Are you thinking of death like you should?
Should we think twice about having kids to save the planet?
A tale of two mountains
What the Bible teaches about salvation – Part 2
Should New Testament believers tithe?
How can we differentiate between the Spirit’s leading and our own?
When Christians can’t agree
On eagles’ wings
Preaching to an empty room
Does every believer have a spiritual gift?
‘Africa is one of the last places on earth I thought I’d serve Him in’
What the Bible teaches about salvation – Part 1
Shadows of a perfect Father
Who put the Bible together?
Loving a hard-to-love church
Psalm 16: God will preserve the faithful
What Covid-19 can’t touch
How were OT saints saved before Christ?
When religion becomes a sin
People of the cross – III
People of the cross – II
People of the cross – Part I
Did Jesus break the Law?
Who are your Samaritans?
Christians need to talk about racial justice
Should workplace values matter to Christian jobseekers?
Do fertility treatments go against God’s will for our lives?
‘Ministry begins in the local church and pours over into the universal church’
To be chosen
Afflicted saint, to Christ draw near
What does 2 Corinthians 12:9 mean?
Rejoicing through a pandemic
The speaking dead
Ravi Zacharias: A man for all seasons
Is God a narcissist?
This Momentary Marriage: John Piper
Things to know about sin
Can one refrain from the Lord’s Table?
Should we make room for church tradition?
Little is much when God is in it
Fixing our eyes on the unseen
What should churches keep in mind when baptising young believers?
Psalm 15: Settling down in His presence
It takes grace to be served
‘God was training me even as a child, only I didn’t know it then’
How can Jesus be fully human and fully God?
Why the gospel is good news
Stockpiling for heaven
Save the Planet is a call to Christians too
What happens to babies at the second coming?
Stand in the gap
5 things about being human
What Trance did (and didn’t) get right about the Bible
How can God condemn homosexuals born that way?
How far we’ve come
A refuge from uncertainty
How do I know if I’m ready to be baptised?
Does passive Christianity equate to being unchristian?
Psalm 14: When the wicked oppress God’s people
God told Jesus “no”
Love in the time of social distancing
Why are some unbelievers more ‘Christian’ than Christians?
‘My faith needed to be personal, not just something inherited or cultural’
Paul in lockdown: lessons to learn
Prison to paradise
What do we do with the disputed text of Jesus and the adulteress?
7 things to know about demonic powers
Living blameless is not impossible
How should Christians deal with toxic relationships?
Letters from a Skeptic: Gregory & Edward Boyd
Why Christianity is so polarised today
God’s guidelines for the grey areas of life – Part 6
Why did God create the devil?
Psalm 13: What if God ignores me when I’m in trouble?
The ultimate purpose of missions
Guidelines for the grey areas of life – Part 5
Is emotion-led worship the same as Spirit-led worship?
Fear, faith and the coronavirus
‘Suffering gives us the capacity to enjoy more deeply the good gifts of God’
Guidelines for the “grey areas” of life – Part 4
If God forgives sexual sin, why do I not feel forgiven?
From shepherd to king
Leaders, are ye of little FAITH?
Guidelines for the “grey areas” of life – Part 3
Can women remain unmarried?
Why did God command baptism?
A ‘hesed’ kind of love
Guidelines for the “grey areas” of life – Part 2
Is it possible to lose your salvation?
Are trials making you bitter or better?
Psalm 12: When people cannot be trusted, God can
Guidelines for the ‘grey areas’ of life – Part 1
What is the marital future for a homosexual?
How many elders should a church have?
‘God, send me anywhere — only go with me’
Redeem the time
Is God against prosperity?
Marks of a healthy church
Are you an accidental Pharisee?
Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee
What is the Biblical stand on abortion?
Holy vessels, unholy uses
10 things to know about angels
How to develop spiritual discipline
Can Christians participate in anti-government protests?
Psalm 11: When God tests His people
Making Sense of God: Timothy Keller
Loving your neighbour in the 21st century
What happens to the souls of the dead?
Very good
Sing in the shadow of His wings
Why you shouldn’t be aiming for New Year resolutions
Why is Jesus taking so long to return?
‘I didn’t even know what it meant to serve God’
Dealing with anxiety
The secret we cannot hide
Do we have evidence for authorship of the gospels?
Look to the real prize
The truth that frees from sin’s power
Christ the sure and steady anchor
What is hell going to look like?
8 things to know about creation
Psalm 3: When everyone is against you
How to walk the gospel talk
How did Jesus escape original sin?
What’s in a name?
Lessons from the early church
Deliverance through affliction
Can women teach men at home?
Does your Christianity include hospitality?
‘I was mad at God — but He never left my side’
YHWH and Chandrayaan 2
How should Christians respond to Kanye West’s conversion?
Why we struggle to evangelise
Psalm 2: The true King
Is God an afterthought for you?
How do we know the canon is complete?
All glory be to Christ
Holy lips and holy legacies
Can we ask God “why”?
Why does God ‘allow’ social practices that are wrong?
Walking by the promise
The dangers of prosperity
10 things to know about the Holy Spirit
Can our prayers change the plans God already has?
The gift of the ‘even so’
7 practical questions about the Lord’s Supper
Is your church your family?
How do we know the God of the Bible is behind creation?
‘Being a Christian is so much more than listening to a preacher every Sunday’
They love their lives too little
Did God overreact in the OT?
Is the Bible just a book of fairytales?
Discipline is not legalism
There is a fountain filled with blood
The severity of God in the NT
Why does God “desire” all to be saved, if He already knows who the elect are?
Glimpses of glory
10 things to know about the work of Christ
Tracking grace through the OT
Why was 3 John included in the Bible?
You don’t have to be broken to be fixed
Heaven’s authority on earth
When God blesses the enemy
Is dating wrong?
Are you bored with worship?
The basics of church discipline – Part 4
Before the throne of God above
How do you justify slavery in the Bible?
The one with the Friend called Jesus
The basics of church discipline – Part 3
10 things to know about Jesus Christ
Is Song of Songs about Christ and the church?
Psalm 1: Choose your path
The basics of church discipline – Part 2
Little Katie Ann
Why is fornication a sin, apart from God saying so?
‘The Lord is teaching me a great lesson of love through adoption’
The basics of church discipline – Part 1
Why should God let you into heaven?
Can a Christian be an agnostic theist?
Forgiveness is hard. It’s also mandatory
Let’s forget about ourselves
How should churches respond to abortion?
What to do when an influential leader denounces the faith
Did the Bible ‘call it’ hundreds of years ago?
His mercy is more
Re-evaluating your calling
How do we know what God’s will is for our lives?
Work to edify your brother
Walking with the Shepherd (Part 3)
When God doesn’t explain Himself
‘Build your relationship with God based on faithfulness, not feelings’
How can I stop raging at myself?
10 things to know about God the Father
Walking with the Shepherd (Part 2)
‘Change doesn’t start in the White House, it starts in your house’
Where are the Stephens today?
What’s wrong with live-in relationships?
The 13 different faces of love
Walking with the Shepherd (Part 1)
Compassion by the brook Besor
God answered my prayer — now what?
How does one draw the line between spiritual confidence and arrogance?
Do partially fulfilled prophecies prove the Bible wrong?
How to change the world
What are you living for?
Is there any hope for marriage in this age of divorce?
Reflecting on the Sri Lankan attacks, three months on
10 things to know about the Bible
Why did Jesus take three days to rise again?
Jesus is mine
‘It’s tough to help people understand the concept of grace’
Friends like frenemies
Is it a sin for Christians to get tattoos?
How to speak the truth in love
Porn addiction: is there a way out?
If you think your suffering is unique, think again
Is it acceptable for men to grow long hair?
Are fulfilled prophecies relevant today? (Hint: they are)
The problem with Pride Month
What motivates you to serve?
Why Jesus is unlike any other Saviour you’ve heard of
Can a person truly be repentant if they continually deny their sin?
Is all Scripture ‘open to interpretation’?
A father’s counsel: guidance for new dads
Fatherhood lessons from Abraham
What is your mind focused on?
Can believers worship anywhere — even in places that aren’t churches?
So you are a king?
Have you forgotten who you are?
If God cannot tolerate sin, how could Satan stand before God, as he did in Job 1:6?
Do you have more than one God?
Come, behold the wondrous mystery
‘Looking back, I can say, “Thank you, Lord, for ignoring those stubborn prayers!”‘
The purpose of suffering
Is Jesus our Father?
Who may take the Lord’s Supper?
The Gospel and The Avengers
The key to interpreting Biblical prophecies
Christian, do you deny yourself?
Is it selfish to pray for more children, when they could have special needs?
Three marks of a house that serves the Lord
When the political opposition comes to power
What if evangelism isn’t high on your church’s priorities?
Hope for the weary soul
What to do when someone makes you feel so very small
Have miraculous gifts ceased or do they continue today?
‘When God calls us, He is faithful’
Why did God create man, if only to send so many to hell?
New mama, are you overwhelmed?
Don’t you also know that Nazarene?
Do tragedies happen to people who ‘deserve’ them?
He will hold me fast
Are you being judgmental?
Thank you, Warren W. Wiersbe
Who can forgive sins?


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