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Our holy calling

December 12, 2021  - By Leni B

We are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone—and that is glorious! But with it comes a holy calling to bear the fruits of our salvation

Corporate worship

July 7, 2021  - By Mario Peter

True worship is carried along by the Holy Spirit based on the truths of God’s Word. So, how does this play out when the church gathers?

Can we sing songs by Hillsong, Elevation Worship and Bethel Music?

May 25, 2021  - By Mario Peter

Music is an integral part of worship. But what about songs produced by churches that do not have a strong theological base?

To the parents of crying babies

May 9, 2021  - By Lisa Mattackal

The next time you walk in late because of a last-minute diaper emergency, know that God is still using you and your kids to encourage His people

Why is the tribe of Dan missing from the 144,000 in Revelation?

April 27, 2021  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

A reader asks why the Jewish remnant mentioned in the last book of the Bible failed to include one of its original tribes

The 10 Commandments – Part 3

April 14, 2021  - By Tobin Mattackal

What do instructions to guard our speech and to rest well have to do with worshipping God? A lot more than you might imagine

The 10 Commandments – Part 2

April 7, 2021  - By Tobin Mattackal

Worship is the highest duty of man. But God has certain rules about how to go about it too — laws that were given for our good

Leadership means equipping others – Pt 2

February 12, 2021  - By Dr. Alexander Kurian

The goal of the Christian life is to worship God and make Him known. How can spiritual leaders equip the saints to accomplish this goal?

The most marvellous meditation

December 20, 2020  - By Tom Horvat

If we were to actually ponder what it means to know God, the reflection would leave us speechless. It would demand our worship of the one true King

Learning to back down

November 6, 2020  - By Sherry Thomas

Being wronged by others hurts — a lot. Yet, exercising humility in those moments is not only an act of faith — it is also an act of worship

Is it wrong to use musical instruments in church services?

August 4, 2020  - By Jobin John Mathew

A reader asks why believers are divided about using musical instruments — especially those not mentioned in the Bible — as part of worship

When religion becomes a sin

June 14, 2020  - By Tom Horvat

The Israelites made the grave mistake of mistaking the outward motions of religion for real holiness — and Christians can easily fall into the same trap



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