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Does God actually care about you?

March 19, 2021  - By Garrett Haley

The harsh realities of life can leave us feeling abandoned, instead of deeply loved by a heavenly Father. Christ offers wonderful hope for the weary

Psalm 20: Encouraging brethren in the Lord

October 16, 2020  - By Dr. David Brooks

Even those at the forefront of spiritual battles need the prayers of the rest of us ― even if, ultimately, we’re all in God’s hands

Psalm 3: When everyone is against you

December 13, 2019  - By Dr. David Brooks

Although thousands were banding together to kill the fleeing king, David’s response was to be confident in the Lord’s ability to save

Can we ask God “why”?

November 13, 2019  - By Leni B

Are we allowed to ask God the reason He allows certain things to pass? The Bible is full of people — including Jesus — who did just that



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