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Confronting Christianity: Rebecca McLaughlin

February 17, 2021  - By Garrett Haley

Although Christianity is the largest in the world, those in the faith grapple with several tough questions regularly. This book tackles some of the hardest

The root of prayerlessness

October 7, 2020  - By Dr. John Kurian

Lack of prayer in the Christian's life is a sign of carnal pride. It boasts that things can be done in our own power without God

Psalm 13: What if God ignores me when I’m in trouble?

March 8, 2020  - By Dr. David Brooks

God is our ever-present refuge in times of distress — but what does a believer hold on to when his Help seems to be silent or unresponsive?

What is the marital future for a homosexual?

February 4, 2020  - By Charles Mathew

Homosexuality is one among several sins the Bible condemns. How does a Christian with a same sex attraction orientation go forward?

Psalm 3: When everyone is against you

December 13, 2019  - By Dr. David Brooks

Although thousands were banding together to kill the fleeing king, David’s response was to be confident in the Lord’s ability to save

Why did God create man, if only to send so many to hell?

May 14, 2019  - By Dr. Barry K. Creamer

A reader asked: 'If God is omniscient, isn't He pushing people into eternal destruction when He knows many will not be able to understand Him in their lifetime?'



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