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Leadership means equipping others – Pt 2

February 12, 2021  - By Dr. Alexander Kurian

The goal of the Christian life is to worship God and make Him known. How can spiritual leaders equip the saints to accomplish this goal?

Leadership means equipping others – Pt 1

February 5, 2021  - By Dr. Alexander Kurian

Spiritual leaders are equipping leaders. But in our zeal for anti-clericalism, are churches neglecting this crucial aspect in building itself up?

Is it selfish for growing believers to change churches?

December 15, 2020  - By George Mattackal

When local assemblies fall short of their mission to shepherd their flock well, should Christians wait in prayer or move for the sake of spiritual growth?

‘Consistency and caring can go a long way’

November 29, 2020  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Missionaries to Cambodia Tyler and Katie Van Halteren remind us that God’s love for us is the same on our most fruitful and least fruitful days

‘God was training me even as a child, only I didn’t know it then’

April 29, 2020  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Phebe Muppidi on looking back and seeing God ‘connect the dots’ in her life, and how Telangana became both mission field and home

‘My faith needed to be personal, not just something inherited or cultural’

March 29, 2020  - By Elizabeth Abraham

TCK Angela Loudon on struggling with the ‘big’ questions about the truth of Christianity — and what drives her to serve the Lord in Colombia today

‘I was mad at God — but He never left my side’

November 29, 2019  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Pamela Catalan on losing her mother at 12, using her home to bless others, and why she considers her prolonged season of singleness as a blessing today

‘Being a Christian is so much more than listening to a preacher every Sunday’

October 27, 2019  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Missionary in Peru Crystal Carrillo on countering a society rife with drunkenness and infidelity with discipleship and prayer



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