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‘It was a slow, weaning process to move on to missions’

June 27, 2021  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Missionary to Columbia Joanna Avendano opens up about carrying out the Great Commission among a people who believe they already know Jesus.

Why discipleship matters in the local church

June 13, 2021  - By Benjamin George

Some believers see no connection between the local church members and their spiritual life. Here’s why that’s problematic

Is it selfish for growing believers to change churches?

December 15, 2020  - By George Mattackal

When local assemblies fall short of their mission to shepherd their flock well, should Christians wait in prayer or move for the sake of spiritual growth?

How to share the gospel?
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How to share the gospel?

December 9, 2020  - By Jobin John Mathew

All Christians are also called to share the good news about Him. Sharing Good news in four simple points.

Are you still waiting for ‘the call’?

December 2, 2020  - By Sam K. John

Every believer is called to invest his or her life for kingdom purposes. Find out the different ways by which God’s people recognised how they could serve

‘We came down with a manual… The Lord handed us a new one’

October 30, 2020  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Missionaries to Costa Rica Kory and Rebecca Crawford on why not having all the answers when we take a leap of faith is an opportunity to see God provide

Will Jesus return only after all the world has heard the gospel?

July 21, 2020  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

No one knows the time of the Son’s return, except the Father — this much Christ made clear. But did He also leave us a clear clue in the book of Matthew?

‘Ministry begins in the local church and pours over into the universal church’

May 31, 2020  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Missionary to Jamaica, Melinda Dilione on how the Lord has been teaching them to be patient with those they pastor — and lean on Him in every aspect of life

‘God was training me even as a child, only I didn’t know it then’

April 29, 2020  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Phebe Muppidi on looking back and seeing God ‘connect the dots’ in her life, and how Telangana became both mission field and home

The ultimate purpose of missions

March 6, 2020  - By Dr. John Sypert

The Great Commission has been an integral part of the Christian church ever since its inception. But, technically, should it matter to non-missionaries?

Why we struggle to evangelise

November 24, 2019  - By Tobin Mattackal

The Great Commission was given to all who call themselves followers of Christ — yet, too many of us feel woefully ill-equipped to share the Good News



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