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How does the Bible define ‘equality’?

February 8, 2022  - By Godly John

The secular world is primarily concerned about socio-economic equalities. But Christians know that the issue of equality pervades all of human life

Making sense of war

September 8, 2021  - By Tom Horvat

All the violence in the world makes “world peace” seem like a mere dream. But why is there so much strife in the first place?

The foolishness of favouritism

March 18, 2021  - By Leni B

We're all guilty of biased judgements and partiality. The book of James offers a mirror with which to examine ourselves: are we 'judges with evil thoughts'?

3 W’s for the New Year

January 31, 2021  - By Karen Ann Monsy

If resolutions aren’t your cup of tea at the moment, how about reminders? Here are three to sustain you for the months ahead — no matter how rocky the road

Do some OT stories show that God is unjust?

November 17, 2020  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

There are stories in the Old Testament where God seems to show partiality. But how is that consistent with what we know about His character?

Reading the news to the glory of God

September 13, 2020  - By Lisa Mattackal

The news cycle today can be fairly exhausting. Find out how to stay informed and engaged without getting overwhelmed by the state of the world today

Trusting God through confusion

September 4, 2020  - By Leni B

As Christians, we may have the desire to give the impression that we have the answer to all of life’s problems — but that's just dishonesty

Christians need to talk about racial justice

June 5, 2020  - By Reeba James

As George Floyd's killing sparking protests in all 50 states of the USA, the question remains: can the church stay silent in the face of racial oppression?

Can Christians participate in anti-government protests?

January 14, 2020  - By Tobin Mattackal

How do Christians reconcile their mandate to be submissive to their governing authorities with their desire to stand up for the oppressed?

Can a person truly be repentant if they continually deny their sin?

June 25, 2019  - By Dr. John Sypert

Talking through what true confession involves — and what its practical applications might look like in a real-life situation



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