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You only live once — then comes judgement

October 8, 2021  - By Tom Horvat

Isaiah 13 offers a shadowy glimpse of the future ‘day of the Lord’. Can God be justified for exercising wrath against His creation?

What does ‘the abomination of desolation’ in Mark 13 mean?

September 28, 2021  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

The term ‘the abomination of desolation’ comes up during Jesus’ Olivet discourse. What does it mean?

The failures of Eli – Part 1

June 4, 2021  - By Sherry Thomas

Though he was a high priest in Israel, Eli's shortcomings in leadership began at home with his inability to parent well. Three aspects stand out

My church doesn’t preach about hell. Is that a problem?

April 20, 2021  - By Jonathan George

Does it matter if ministers don't devote any of their teaching to that place of judgement reserved for those who reject God?

The foolishness of favouritism

March 18, 2021  - By Leni B

We're all guilty of biased judgements and partiality. The book of James offers a mirror with which to examine ourselves: are we 'judges with evil thoughts'?

When God judges a nation

January 22, 2021  - By Tom Horvat

The book of Isaiah offers solid advice for when we see divine judgement comes upon a land: sanctify the LORD, sanctify His Word

Do some OT stories show that God is unjust?

November 17, 2020  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

There are stories in the Old Testament where God seems to show partiality. But how is that consistent with what we know about His character?

Can we doubt someone’s salvation?

November 3, 2020  - By Jobin John Mathew

When trying to evaluate the genuineness of fellow belivers, at what point does discernment cross over into unwarranted judgement?

When the clock won’t stop

September 11, 2020  - By Tom Horvat

The years of our lives are not many. Soon, they will be cut off and we will, as the psalmist says, all fly away. Do we really want to leave with regrets?

A tale of two mountains

July 12, 2020  - By Leni B

Both Mount Sinai and Mount Zion picture covenants between a holy God and sinful man — but only one signifies Good News for all

Did Jesus break the Law?

June 9, 2020  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

Jesus’ forgiveness of an adulterous woman is a beautiful picture of grace. But was He defying God’s own commandments in the process?

What the Bible teaches about sin

May 15, 2020  - By Dr. Scott Shiffer

Sin is considered a primitive word in today's world. Talking about it makes us uneasy — but that's precisely why believers need to be battling it every day



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