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What does Mark 2:21-22 mean?

October 26, 2021  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

In the Gospels, Jesus often used illustrations to make His point. But why would He refer to clothing and wine when asked about fasting?

Is it selfish for growing believers to change churches?

December 15, 2020  - By George Mattackal

When local assemblies fall short of their mission to shepherd their flock well, should Christians wait in prayer or move for the sake of spiritual growth?

The decline of the assemblies

July 31, 2020  - By Dr. Alexander Kurian

Why are youngsters leaving churches in droves? From unedifying ministry to a lack of pastoral care, we cannot ignore the problems in our community anymore

God’s guidelines for the grey areas of life – Part 6

March 11, 2020  - By Dr. Danny L. Akin

It is not difficult to discern a good Christian, but being a good Christian in a good way is more subjective. Here’s how to discover ‘the good way’

Guidelines for the “grey areas” of life – Part 2

February 12, 2020  - By Dr. Danny L. Akin

We often want to know if we’re free to do something in the name of Christian liberty. Read on to understand the wiser questions to ask

Are you an accidental Pharisee?

January 24, 2020  - By Sam K. John

If our idea of ‘separation’ is only concerned with externals or superficial things, we are no better than the hypocrites Jesus berated in the first century

Discipline is not legalism

October 20, 2019  - By Preston Byrd

If we choose to act on spiritual precepts solely when we 'feel like it', we create a near impossible standard to follow

How does one draw the line between spiritual confidence and arrogance?

July 30, 2019  - By Dr. Barry K. Creamer

There's head knowledge and there's heart knowledge. A reader asks: at what point does one turn into the other, and how does one distinguish between the two?

‘Looking back, I can say, “Thank you, Lord, for ignoring those stubborn prayers!”‘

June 7, 2019  - By Elizabeth Abraham

American missionary Christopher Mattix on serving in Bolivia, learning to let the Lord lead him — and caring for a loved one who's drifted away from the faith

Thank you, Warren W. Wiersbe

May 4, 2019  - By Tobin Mattackal

As we celebrate the life of Warren W. Wiersbe (1929-2019), consider the example of a man who used his gifts to edify the Church until the very end.



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