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Are similar callings required for marriage?

December 21, 2021  - By Thomson B Thomas

When God calls men and women into full-time ministry, it is a beautiful thing. But how does such a calling affect someone also considering marriage?

How was John able to offer a baptism of repentance?

November 30, 2021  - By Dr. Scott Shiffer

Jesus spoke very highly of John the Baptist (Matthew 11:11). Still, he was only human. So could he offer a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sin?

Why discipleship matters in the local church

June 13, 2021  - By Benjamin George

Some believers see no connection between the local church members and their spiritual life. Here’s why that’s problematic

‘Time and prayer are the best ways to invest in the lives of children’

May 26, 2021  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Missionary to Ireland Holly Dobson opens up about learning to wait on God as she introduces Him to children, and engages with them through the Word

The Holy Spirit and the Prince — Part 2

May 21, 2021  - By Tom Horvat

Knowledge is power — but only if it is accompanied by a true fear of the Lord and the spirit of discernment. And the Messiah sets the example

‘There’s nothing mystical about “the call” — we are called to serve’

April 30, 2021  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Missionary to Paraguay Helen Wagar opens up about dealing with insecurities about her ministry and how God has been helping her evolve in service

Are secular jobs less valuable to the Lord?

April 25, 2021  - By Timothy Spees

It's a common misconception that non-ministry occupations are not 'as sacred', but these too can be an act of worship to the Lord

The Holy Spirit and the Prince – Part 1

April 23, 2021  - By Tom Horvat

The Person and ministry of the Holy Spirit become quite clear when we review the life of Christ in the light of the prophecy of Isaiah

Time to tune out

March 10, 2021  - By Lisa Mattackal

Everyone wants to hear from God. But He is not going to clamour over the noisy din and chaos in our lives. What we need is quiet

Are you serving too much?

March 5, 2021  - By Timothy Spees

Jesus said He was called to serve and so are we. But the story of Martha and Mary also gives us reason to pause and consider a need for balance

Leadership means equipping others – Pt 4

February 26, 2021  - By Dr. Alexander Kurian

It is not enough for elders to preach sound doctrine from the pulpit. The God-given model also ensures a succession of competent teachers in the church

Leadership means equipping others – Pt 3

February 19, 2021  - By Dr. Alexander Kurian

Many leaders forget that a vital part of their calling is to mentor the next generation. Yet, this is an indispensable aspect of church discipleship



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