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Help, I can’t stop swearing

September 21, 2021  - By Dr. Scott Shiffer

We know it’s wrong, but many of us simply can’t help using curse words — given the world we live in. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case

For the church that wants to confront abuse

July 15, 2021  - By Lisa Mattackal

What practical steps can Christian communities take to protect the vulnerable among those they are called to care for?

‘Our peace is in knowing that salvation belongs to the Lord’

January 24, 2021  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Missionaries to Ghana Heather and Joseph Frimpong narrate how their early experiences as Christians prepared them to serve the Lord today

How can we, practically, have victory over sin?

July 28, 2020  - By Tobin Mattackal

As Christians, we celebrate that Christ sets us free from sin. So, why do we still struggle to defeat its power in the choices we make every day?

Christians need to talk about racial justice

June 5, 2020  - By Reeba James

As George Floyd's killing sparking protests in all 50 states of the USA, the question remains: can the church stay silent in the face of racial oppression?

Psalm 14: When the wicked oppress God’s people

April 5, 2020  - By Dr. David Brooks

It's difficult to see the end from the beginning, but we are encouraged to look ahead to what God has promised — for in the future is deliverance

Paul in lockdown: lessons to learn

March 27, 2020  - By Sam K. John

As we practise social distancing, consider the apostle who lived under house arrest for two years and showed us how to glorify God in isolation

God’s guidelines for the grey areas of life – Part 6

March 11, 2020  - By Dr. Danny L. Akin

It is not difficult to discern a good Christian, but being a good Christian in a good way is more subjective. Here’s how to discover ‘the good way’

The 13 different faces of love

August 4, 2019  - By Karen Ann Monsy

All of us like to believe we’re decent people — certainly not hateful. But studying Paul’s checklist for what loving people actually look like can make us ask some really tough questions

Hope for the weary soul

May 23, 2019  - By Dr. Steve Hunter

Depression affects 300 million people around the world today — that includes believers too! What can Christians do about this global epidemic?



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