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Good grief is what we need

October 21, 2020  - By Lisa Mattackal

Feeling guilty over past sin is one thing; sorrow, as God intends it, is something else altogether. The latter helps us bear fruit

To be chosen

May 29, 2020  - By Kendall Lyons

All of us desire love and acceptance — yet, we often struggle to quench our thirst to belong. Isn't it glorious then that we can find lasting worth in God?

The truth that frees from sin’s power

December 20, 2019  - By Ethan Merck

Are you walking by faith through grace — or still trying to live like you get what you earn? Grace, not law, is the power of God that shatters sin

Before the throne of God above

September 25, 2019  - By Jerlin Justus

A humbling hymn about our great High Priest, whose intercessory work means we have no reason to believe the devil’s lies that we can lose our salvation once saved

Walking with the Shepherd (Part 3)

August 17, 2019  - By Premilla Jacob

The final part of this devotional on Psalm 23 gives us every reason to rejoice in a Saviour who would ‘leave the ninety-nine’, because He loves each one of us the same

How can I stop raging at myself?

August 13, 2019  - By Dr. Steve Hunter

It’s one thing to fly off the handle with others, but there’s something soul-crushing about doing it to yourself. Find out how to manage self-hate



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