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The decline of the assemblies

July 31, 2020  - By Dr. Alexander Kurian

Why are youngsters leaving churches in droves? From unedifying ministry to a lack of pastoral care, we cannot ignore the problems in our community anymore

‘God was training me even as a child, only I didn’t know it then’

April 29, 2020  - By Elizabeth Abraham

Phebe Muppidi on looking back and seeing God ‘connect the dots’ in her life, and how Telangana became both mission field and home

From shepherd to king

February 23, 2020  - By Tobin Mattackal

If you’ve ever felt insignificant, you know that that poison arrow strikes the very core of our being. David teaches us how to come into our own

How many elders should a church have?

February 2, 2020  - By Dr. John Sypert

The clear pattern of the New Testament is for plurality when it comes to assembly leadership. And there are several reasons why

His mercy is more

August 23, 2019  - By Jerlin Justus

Not receiving the judgement we deserve is one of the great wonders of the gospel — and a reminder that no one else loves this way

Walking with the Shepherd (Part 3)

August 17, 2019  - By Premilla Jacob

The final part of this devotional on Psalm 23 gives us every reason to rejoice in a Saviour who would ‘leave the ninety-nine’, because He loves each one of us the same

Walking with the Shepherd (Part 2)

August 10, 2019  - By Premilla Jacob

Psalm 23 reacquaints us with a God who not only stays right by our side in adversity, but who is able to give us abundantly more than we could ask for

Walking with the Shepherd (Part 1)

August 3, 2019  - By Premilla Jacob

The first in a three-part devotional, this well-loved psalm reminds us of a Saviour who knows us intimately and has promised to satisfy our deepest needs



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