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Look to the larks

April 9, 2021  - By Premilla Jacob

Life can be exhausting and overwhelming. But if Moses' prayer in Psalm 90 is ours too, we can sing even through the darkest nights

Is it wrong to use musical instruments in church services?

August 4, 2020  - By Jobin John Mathew

A reader asks why believers are divided about using musical instruments — especially those not mentioned in the Bible — as part of worship

Afflicted saint, to Christ draw near

May 28, 2020  - By Karen Ann Monsy

Whether we like it or not, depression is far from uncommon among those who are saved. Does the Bible have resources for the distressed Christian? Indeed

Christ the sure and steady anchor

December 19, 2019  - By Darren Stanly

The trials we endure in this life are not the end of the story — only a means to something much greater: the promised glory

The gift of the ‘even so’

November 3, 2019  - By Rebecca Moore

If the only certainty we know is death, then certainties are incredibly hard to bear — until Christ steps into the picture

There is a fountain filled with blood

October 18, 2019  - By Ryan Rives

When sin and the world brings us to our knees, we hold on to Christ who gives us new life and a reason to sing

Is Song of Songs about Christ and the church?

September 17, 2019  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

Believers have long struggled with the inclusion of Solomon’s love poems in the Bible. Understanding its author’s intent can help put the debate to rest

Come, behold the wondrous mystery

June 9, 2019  - By Ryan Rives

As children, every new experience is a curiosity, but as we grow older, they lose their wonder. Is this not true of the great mysteries of the Gospel story too?



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