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Hopeful Few

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Hopeful Few
Posted on September 16, 2020  - By Joanne Sam

For some, a dream come true

For others, a rest assured

For most, a paradoxical fairytale


In a world caged by time and space

Stupendous infinity beyond brief earthly life

Eternity, a mere movie hypothesis

Solely possible through flights of fancy

The existence of a place beyond the skies


Most imagine it in their dreams

Yet think it a fictitious inaccuracy

Those who know the surety of its actuality,

Picture its glistening golden streets

Trees providing sublime fruits unheard of


The close-minded, cold-hearted sneer

Mocking the hopeful, though they too fear death

Uncertainty grips the depths of their souls

Every day that passes is a day closer to their end


Few are those whose hearts have been opened

To accept the alleged impossible

That death was their fate

But resurrection their rewritten destiny


By believing in the name of the Sovereign Divine

The One who breathed the Universe into being

Who sent the One He loves to rescue the loved lost

The blessed ‘Chosen’,

Not worried about the fleeting moments of today

Nor of the possibility of a tomorrow

For the certainty of a secure forever.

Joanne Sam

About Joanne Sam

Born and brought up in Kuwait, Joanne Sam is currently doing her Bachelors in Media and Communication in Manipal, India. In the past few years, she has been involved in the Children's Evangelical Fellowship ministry, alongside her parents. She loves to sing with her musician brother, Jonathan. Her passion is to teach and encourage young minds to grow in Christ.



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