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Polished for Him

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Polished for Him
Posted on February 7, 2021  - By Joanne Sam
Laying on the sand,
Eyes twinkling
Amazing indeed, the speckled night sky
Listening to the tide crashing on the shore
A feeling of insignificance washes over from time to time
The mind drifts along
In awe of the Creator
Of every swirling galaxy
Every crevice of a sea shell
Every unseen gust of wind
Each rise and fall of the Earth’s crust
The Lord of it all
Chose an undeserving speck of dust like me
Loving and cherishing me
Moulding me each day
Polishing, until
I twinkle brighter than the north star
He chooses the weak, and comforts the lonely
He mends the broken, and lifts up the weary
Proving His might, His power
With every passing hour
Cracking our marbled shell
To reveal us, His adored creation
Iridescent pearls
Reflecting His light to the darkest chasms
Turning more of the Earth’s dust atoms
Into diamonds for the King.

Joanne Sam

About Joanne Sam

Born and brought up in Kuwait, Joanne Sam is currently doing her Bachelors in Media and Communication in Manipal, India. In the past few years, she has been involved in the Children's Evangelical Fellowship ministry, alongside her parents. She loves to sing with her musician brother, Jonathan. Her passion is to teach and encourage young minds to grow in Christ.



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