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Prison to paradise

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Prison to paradise
Posted on March 25, 2020  - By Joanne Sam

Raising my heavy eyelids at the crack of dawn
With banging on the musty gates and sunlight on the lawn
‘Twas an exquisite morn, one not a soul could hate
Yet sorrow flooded my heart as I remembered my fate

Ambling out of my cell, my weighted head hung low
Flogging, lashing and spitting didn’t matter no more
Led up the hill by soldiers amid crowds mocking me
Knowing I did wrong but wishing apologies could set me free

Approaching the wooden deathbed, I realised this was my end
My misery compounded by a life I could not defend
Scarlet streams, from the nails in my feet, tracing down the cross
Weakly glancing at the man by my side, for words, I was at a loss

His crimson-streaked face didn’t seem at all deserving
I knew my sin and hence confessed, didn’t think He’d be forgiving
Grateful for His willing sacrifice, I told the other “He’s holy”
I heard “It’s finished”; as His head dropped low, I knew He died to save me.



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