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Remember, consider, imitate

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Remember, consider, imitate
Posted on May 12, 2021  - By Tobin Mattackal

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7

                              For Leaders                                For Members
  1. What does your flock remember you for? 
  2. Do they remember you because you speak God’s Word to them or because you are a smart, funny, friendly leader?
  1. What do you remember about your leader? 
  2. Do you realise that the ones who speak God’s Word into your lives are the ones who care about your heart the most? 
  1. What is your way of life? 
  2. A good leader’s way of life is that he speaks God’s Word at all times. By implication, he lives according to it. 
  3. Is it exemplary? 
  1. Do we make the effort to consider the outcome of the lives of the leaders who speak God’s Word? 
  2. Do you find them boring or is it the kind of life you’d want to live?
  1. What is your faith like? 
  2. Does your flock aim to imitate your faith?
  3. Has a member or disciple told you they’d love to have a faith like yours because it reflects Christ? 
  4. Is your flock imitating you because they like you or because your faith points them to Jesus?
  1. Who are you imitating today in your life? Whatever your answer is, that tells you what you are pursuing in life today. 
  2. What do you want to imitate about your leader? Is it their faith or external things? 
  3. We don’t imitate our leaders’ faith to become like them but so that, in doing so, we become more like Jesus.


Tobin Mattackal

About Tobin Mattackal

Tobin Mattackal completed his Masters in Bible Studies at Criswell College in Dallas, Texas. Raised in the UAE, he spent his university days discipling youngsters and reading Scripture with them. He is currently serving at his local church in Bangalore, India, and is devoted to sharing the good news of salvation with the lost.



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