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The antidote to spiritual confusion

August 11, 2021  - By Leni B

Deep theology seems an unnecessary pursuit to most. But often, knowing exactly who God is will prove our only source of rest

Is it selfish for growing believers to change churches?

December 15, 2020  - By George Mattackal

When local assemblies fall short of their mission to shepherd their flock well, should Christians wait in prayer or move for the sake of spiritual growth?

The refuge set before us

December 13, 2020  - By Tom Horvat

A troubling season in Israel’s history reveals much about why hardships happen — and how we as believers should respond to afflictions

When God wants you to wait

December 11, 2020  - By Premilla Jacob

It’s easy to lose heart when God delays an answer to prayer, but our Father is One who faithfully keeps His promises in His perfect time

How can Paul “fill up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions”?

November 24, 2020  - By Thomson B Thomas

Christ's suffering on the cross accomplished our salvation once for all. A reader asks why Colossians seems to be espousing poor theology at first glance

The secret to restoring your prayer life

November 18, 2020  - By Tobin Mattackal

So many of us view the time spent on our knees as a long-standing battle. Find out how talking to God can be as sweet as His Word proclaims

Don’t you also know that Nazarene?

May 10, 2019  - By Premilla Jacob

Although we say we’re Christians, our lives are often reminders of how we deny Him daily. How can we break the cycle of living like we don’t know Him?



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