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How should believers respond to the Israel-Palestine conflict?

June 8, 2021  - By Dr. Scott Shiffer

The world calls them oppressors. Christians are inclined to see them as “God’s chosen people”. Is there a ‘right side’?

My mother-in-law ill-treats me. What can I do?

May 11, 2021  - By Dr. Alexander Kurian

The dynamics of a joint family setup are hardly ever smooth. What can believers do when dealing with unbelieving relatives or contentious in-laws? Find out

Can one refrain from the Lord’s Table?
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Can one refrain from the Lord’s Table?

May 13, 2020  - By George Mattackal

Find out how we can avoid “eating and drinking judgment” to ourselves — and keep legalism from creeping into our remembrance of our Redeemer

What are you living for?

July 24, 2019  - By Leni B

Why the life of one who is redeemed cannot be lived by one’s own leading or for his own pleasure

Is there any hope for marriage in this age of divorce?

July 23, 2019  - By George Mattackal

Considering all marriages involve two broken people getting together, this is a question that, no doubt, runs through the minds of many singles today



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