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The fallacies of relativism

November 21, 2021  - By Jerusha Joel

‘My life, my rules’ seems to be the mandate of the age—the rule above all rules. Here is why that approach fails on all fronts

Satisfied in God alone

September 3, 2021  - By Premilla Jacob

The paths by which God leads us through life may not always be to our liking — but they will always be because of His rich, unfailing love

How far we’ve come

April 12, 2020  - By Leni B

What do you see when you glance back at your life? Chances are: plenty of evidence of God’s ever-faithful leading and goodness beyond measure

Psalm 14: When the wicked oppress God’s people

April 5, 2020  - By Dr. David Brooks

It's difficult to see the end from the beginning, but we are encouraged to look ahead to what God has promised — for in the future is deliverance

Why are some unbelievers more ‘Christian’ than Christians?

March 31, 2020  - By Revanth T.

There is a certain holiness expected of the elect, one that comes from the Bride of Christ. Why then do our standards often leave much to be desired?

God’s guidelines for the grey areas of life – Part 6

March 11, 2020  - By Dr. Danny L. Akin

It is not difficult to discern a good Christian, but being a good Christian in a good way is more subjective. Here’s how to discover ‘the good way’

Guidelines for the grey areas of life – Part 5

March 4, 2020  - By Dr. Danny L. Akin

Find out why short-term loss, but long-term gain, is the way of Christ — and the way of love — when making wise decisions in wicked world

Guidelines for the “grey areas” of life – Part 2

February 12, 2020  - By Dr. Danny L. Akin

We often want to know if we’re free to do something in the name of Christian liberty. Read on to understand the wiser questions to ask

Very good

January 5, 2020  - By Rebecca Moore

The creation story has been told many times — but not quite like this. Here it is, told one more time, in a way that will surely make us bow in worship

Does your Christianity include hospitality?

December 1, 2019  - By Dr. John Sypert

Despite our busy schedules, there are several ways to spend quality time with people around us, especially if we desire to do them spiritual good

‘Change doesn’t start in the White House, it starts in your house’

August 9, 2019  - By Tobin Mattackal

Nate Bramsen, who works for the cause of abandoned children in North Africa, on learning to love those who once abused him, and the 'gift of cancer'

Do tragedies happen to people who ‘deserve’ them?

May 8, 2019  - By Revanth T.

How can we cope with tragedies in this world? Only by recognising God’s eternal purpose behind them.



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