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Waiting is not wasteful

December 31, 2021  - By Lisa Mattackal

For most, life has been a lesson in waiting for two years. For the Christian, however, it is another integral part of his or her story

The true meaning of grace

October 24, 2021  - By Premilla Jacob

Till the day that David summoned him, Mephibosheth lived in fear. But the king treated him, the grandson of the enemy, like his own son

The secret to peace on earth

July 23, 2021  - By Tom Horvat

Men have long tried — and failed — to attain unity and security in this fallen world. A study of the book of Isaiah reveals how the two are finally achieved

3 W’s for the New Year

January 31, 2021  - By Karen Ann Monsy

If resolutions aren’t your cup of tea at the moment, how about reminders? Here are three to sustain you for the months ahead — no matter how rocky the road

Are you still waiting for ‘the call’?

December 2, 2020  - By Sam K. John

Every believer is called to invest his or her life for kingdom purposes. Find out the different ways by which God’s people recognised how they could serve

Heaven’s authority on earth

October 4, 2019  - By Dr. John Sypert

The church is not God, nor can it save anyone — but it is called to represent Christ on earth and decipher who true gospel confessors are

What is your mind focused on?

June 19, 2019  - By Leni B

Throughout the day, our thoughts are occupied with all manner of concerns. But Scripture shows us “a still more excellent way”

Three marks of a house that serves the Lord

May 26, 2019  - By Sam K. John

Aquila and Priscilla are an excellent example of a godly couple who served the Lord together. Consider what we can learn from this family on a mission



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