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The fallacies of relativism

November 21, 2021  - By Jerusha Joel

‘My life, my rules’ seems to be the mandate of the age—the rule above all rules. Here is why that approach fails on all fronts

The fallacy of Critical Race Theory

March 3, 2021  - By Godly John

While social justice movements are unable to solve the issues they raise, the gospel is sufficient to bring about true reconciliation

Is God a narcissist?

May 19, 2020  - By Dr. Barry K. Creamer

Throughout the Bible, we see a running theme of God demanding glory from those He has created. Doesn't that suggest vanity or self-obsession, asks a reader

Why is fornication a sin, apart from God saying so?

September 10, 2019  - By Dr. Barry K. Creamer

Is it possible to condemn or reason against sex outside of marraige when one does not believe in God as the ultimate authority?

The problem with Pride Month

June 29, 2019  - By Godly John

At a time when not promoting the LGBT movement makes you a ‘terrible’ person, how do Christians draw the line with grace?



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