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The Lord, your Shade

October 1, 2021  - By Leni B

Life can become exhausting from time to time. How does the Lord become our shade in times like those?

Struck down, but not destroyed

December 6, 2020  - By Leni B

It’s natural to feel crushed in the face of extreme hardship. But Joseph’s life story helps us see that God only allows suffering for good

Good grief is what we need

October 21, 2020  - By Lisa Mattackal

Feeling guilty over past sin is one thing; sorrow, as God intends it, is something else altogether. The latter helps us bear fruit

Letters from a Skeptic: Gregory & Edward Boyd

March 15, 2020  - By Garrett Haley

A real collection of heartfelt letters between a Christian son and his unbelieving father, it raises many of the hardest questions we Christians ever face

Fear, faith and the coronavirus

March 1, 2020  - By Karen Ann Monsy

An interview from the heart of China, where the outbreak continues to claim its highest toll yet, offers spiritual insights into the current epidemic

Psalm 11: When God tests His people

January 12, 2020  - By Dr. David Brooks

When things look hopeless all around, David's refusal to "flee like a bird" teaches us to trust in God and wait for Him to show Himself strong on our behalf

The secret we cannot hide

December 25, 2019  - By Bethany Horvat

Who among us can imagine a world in which we will only ever be secure? And yet, is this not undeniably what all of creation is “groaning” for?

Deliverance through affliction

December 4, 2019  - By Luke McMeans

Our natural response to suffering is frustration and anger, but God often uses these trials miraculously to show His steadfast love

Glimpses of glory

October 13, 2019  - By Premilla Jacob

'Blessed are those who mourn' may seem like the Great Paradox but, in Christ, the valley of suffering is also where we experience the sweetest comfort



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