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The Lord, your Shade

October 1, 2021  - By Leni B

Life can become exhausting from time to time. How does the Lord become our shade in times like those?

Satisfied in God alone

September 3, 2021  - By Premilla Jacob

The paths by which God leads us through life may not always be to our liking — but they will always be because of His rich, unfailing love

4 reasons why pastors should take a sabbatical

August 1, 2021  - By Dr. John Sypert

The Bible is not explicit in recommending an extended period of rest for leadership, so this is a matter of prudence, not obedience

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: John Mark Comer

June 23, 2021  - By Garrett Haley

Our bodies aren’t designed to race full-speed seven days a week. Sabbath wasn't instituted only for OT times, but for us living in the 21st century too

The 10 Commandments – Part 3

April 14, 2021  - By Tobin Mattackal

What do instructions to guard our speech and to rest well have to do with worshipping God? A lot more than you might imagine


March 28, 2021  - By Tom Horvat

The husks that we try to satisfy our souls with are many. The joy they bring does not last. This hymn tells us not what to turn to — but Whom

What kind of guy is Jesus?

March 7, 2021  - By Dr. John Sypert

God the Son is holy and supremely ruling over all things. The best part? There aren’t any hoops you have to jump through to be with Him

Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee

January 23, 2020  - By Bethany Horvat

We often forget that all the pain in this world cannot rob us of our inheritance in Christ. That is the triumph song of life

Very good

January 5, 2020  - By Rebecca Moore

The creation story has been told many times — but not quite like this. Here it is, told one more time, in a way that will surely make us bow in worship

Dealing with anxiety

December 27, 2019  - By Kendall Lyons

Worry, concern and tension sap our energy and rob us of strength to step into the future, but Philippians 4 tells us how to swap them all for peace

What to do when someone makes you feel so very small

May 22, 2019  - By Karen Ann Monsy

If you've ever been consistently sidelined by someone — especially someone you love — you'll be familiar with the deep hurt and resentment that comes from being constantly made to feel second-rate



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