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God and sinners reconciled

December 19, 2021  - By Tom Horvat

Have you considered that if there is no desire to meet God here on His terms, we will not meet Him in eternity on our terms?

Jesus, our forever Friend

January 3, 2021  - By Premilla Jacob

Whether you’re a sinner who has never known true love or a believer who has strayed far, far away, the Lord calls you to be His own today

How were OT saints saved before Christ?

June 16, 2020  - By Dr. David Brooks

A reader asked: If God’s complete plan of salvation was only revealed after Christ came, how were they saved who lived before Him?

What the Bible teaches about sin

May 15, 2020  - By Dr. Scott Shiffer

Sin is considered a primitive word in today's world. Talking about it makes us uneasy — but that's precisely why believers need to be battling it every day

How can God condemn homosexuals born that way?

April 14, 2020  - By Charles Mathew

A reader asks if people can be held responsible for being born into this world with specific sinful tendencies. Can our innate desires be held against us?

What do we do with the disputed text of Jesus and the adulteress?

March 24, 2020  - By Thomson B Thomas

Scholars dispute the origin of the story in John describing the Lord’s interaction with the woman caught in adultery. What should believers make of it?

Is emotion-led worship the same as Spirit-led worship?

March 3, 2020  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

Some believe in exuberant worship, others in quiet adoration. A reader asks what true worship looks like, and how to distinguish it from other forms

What is hell going to look like?

December 17, 2019  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

Many would hope that a fiery eternity is but a myth meant to scare people, but Scripture has plenty to say about why it is anything but a fable

How should Christians respond to Kanye West’s conversion?

November 26, 2019  - By Godly John

Recent news of the American rapper giving his life to Christ has people either cynical or overjoyed. Should we take it all with a pinch of salt?

You don’t have to be broken to be fixed

October 6, 2019  - By Rebecca Moore

The older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son offers a much-needed perspective when it comes to how we perceive ourselves

Do tragedies happen to people who ‘deserve’ them?

May 8, 2019  - By Revanth T.

How can we cope with tragedies in this world? Only by recognising God’s eternal purpose behind them.

Who can forgive sins?

May 1, 2019  - By Dr. John Sypert

Jesus came to do what no man can do. He came to do what only God can do. He came to forgive sins.



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