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The fallacy of Critical Race Theory

March 3, 2021  - By Godly John

While social justice movements are unable to solve the issues they raise, the gospel is sufficient to bring about true reconciliation

Guidelines for the “grey areas” of life – Part 3

February 19, 2020  - By Dr. Danny L. Akin

Find out why, when it comes to wise decision-making, the mature believer in Christ will always have an eye toward a potential weaker brother

Can women remain unmarried?

February 18, 2020  - By Dr. Scott Shiffer

God instituted marriage, but Paul was of the personal opinion that it was better to remain unmarried. A reader asks which is the Biblical way to go

Is God against prosperity?

January 28, 2020  - By Dr. Scott Shiffer

The Bible warns against the love of money and pitfalls of wealth. A reader asks if being well-to-do is really such a bad thing

What is the Biblical stand on abortion?

January 21, 2020  - By Dr. Barry K. Creamer

Abortion politics have become an extremely touchy subject. A reader asks if its acceptability can vary from case to case

Is dating wrong?

October 1, 2019  - By George Mattackal

Does Scripture have anything to say about how to find 'the one'? And how much of a role does culture play in these matters?



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