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This is grace

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This is grace
Posted on July 26, 2020  - By Sheba Abraham

What is grace? I let my thoughts wander,

Into the deepest abyss of my mind in wonder;

Raked the storehouse of knowledge I’d gained,

Convinced it’d be enough to sustain.


Unrest refused to cease in the back of my mind,

My efforts seemed futile; the answer too difficult to find,

Till I heard a still small whisper from our Father above,

Spoken in truth and ever-tender love:


“Grace, ’tis the unmerited favour I bestow,

On every little one of Mine on earth below.

None of your efforts are good enough to move My heart,

Than when you come to Me, weary and torn apart.


Heaven rejoiced when you first sought this grace,

And I found my lost child, coming to Me in faith.

Now as you seek strength for each new day,

“In abundance, receive!” I gladly say.


Though you might think I’m miles away,

And your trust in Me sway in days of dismay,

The living words of love and hope I declared since times unknown

Are just as true today, for I’ll never leave you alone.


I often let storms hit your boat hard and strong,

To remind you it’s My strength that keeps you moving along.

It breaks My heart when you forget My love for you,

And the promise that My grace is sufficient all the way through!


Be it days of sunshine or nights of pouring rain,

Troubled thoughts, endless doubts, or mind clouded with pain,

I will pick you up in My arms of loving embrace,

And whisper words of comfort and hope — This is grace!”


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