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Unanswered questions
Posted on June 16, 2021  - By Joanne Sam

You, me, and all the greats
Have raised questions for ages
Left unanswered through the years
Not contained in any pages

The One who knows it all
Will reveal every mystery some day
But until that hour comes to call
Here’s what His Word has to say:

We’re all sinners, you and me
And God, well, He’s holy
So, no matter what we do on earth
No matter how gentle or lowly
Each of us were born
Into sin, and so unholy

That forces one to think
What’s the point of all of this?
Why not just end it
And move on to eternal bliss?
There’s just one problem though
Remember? We’re sinners.
It’s torment that awaits us
After death’s kiss

Now we wish there was a way
Out of our own big mess
How do we find that escape?
Our checkmate in this game of chess?

Here’s the winning move
He set aside His crown
We were pure evil
Yet He laid His life down
Eternity’s most selfless gift
And nothing can undo it
All we have to do now
Is sit back and receive it?

Thinkers and scientists, atheists and more
Have questioned the meaning of life
But not a soul could fathom that
The answer could be easy
When reality is just the cross
Many think it’s cheesy

Well, if it’s not true
Then please define our destiny
Were we born out of thin air
With no reason or rhyme
And now we’re constricted
By gravity, space and time?
Do we exist for nothing
Just a random blend of atoms
On a floating blue marble?
Well, that’s tougher to fathom

The righteous Almighty
Can only judge fairly
So, He sacrificed His only Son
He loves us that dearly
Many won’t believe it
Arguing they have to see it
Cause how can the greatest mysteries
And questions too deep to exist
Have an answer so simple,
It turns logic to mist?

That’s where faith comes in
And plays an important role
Cause your time on earth is crumbling
And your life hangs by faith’s rope

So, before you shut your eyes forever
Don’t you wanna decide?
He is knocking on your door today
In Him, you can abide
Answer it; let Him in
And start your life justified

The question of our salvation
Has been answered and delivered
But the question about your response
Now, that’s yours to consider.

Joanne Sam

About Joanne Sam

Born and brought up in Kuwait, Joanne Sam is currently doing her Bachelors in Media and Communication in Manipal, India. In the past few years, she has been involved in the Children's Evangelical Fellowship ministry, alongside her parents. She loves to sing with her musician brother, Jonathan. Her passion is to teach and encourage young minds to grow in Christ.



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