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Little is much when God is in it


Little is much when God is in it
Posted on May 8, 2020  - By Tom Horvat

In view of the abundance of spiritual and devotional material available to Christians today, I have been discouraged several times from writing anything at all. Yet, my hope is that one more seed planted in the right soil will be used by the Holy Spirit to bring forth fruit unto the glory of God.

This leads me to my thoughts from John 6:9.

In John 6:9, we find the question, “What are they among so many?” The question was posed by Andrew when Jesus had put the disciples to a ‘test of faith’ to provide food for the multitude before them. And what a multitude it was! At least 5,000 men! They had no more than five barley loaves and two small fishes in hand, and as Andrew asked: what were they among so many?

The answer was obvious in Andrew’s mind, as he compared the ratio of fish and bread to the multitude spread out before them. Even 200 pennyworth of bread would not have been sufficient to allow a little meal for everyone. What we have is nothing among so many, he declared.

But the disciples were about to learn an amazing truth that would be demonstrated time and again in their later ministries: that when little is put into the hands of the Lord, it becomes sufficient.

When little is put into the hands of the Lord, it becomes sufficient

His sufficiency, not ours

In fact, it is for that very reason that God chooses to use the small, unnoticed and despised things of the world, rather than the great. In God’s economy, there are no little people or ministries. When we place ourselves into the hands of a sovereign Creator to be used for His purposes, we are no longer insignificant.

God never compares the sufficiency of the creature with His own ability to provide. As we present ourselves daily and moment by moment as living sacrifices, the Lord never asks, “What are they among so many?” Rather, He takes the five and the two and multiplies His blessings through them.

The key is whether or not that which is available is consecrated. We are never to wonder whether we are sufficient, but whether we are consecrated — that is to say, available — to be used by Him. If we are, then it may be said of us, “These are those who have turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6)!”

Tom Horvat

About Tom Horvat

Tom Horvat completed his BA in education and theology at Washington Bible College. He pastored a house church for 15 years and served as a volunteer chaplain in a local prison for 20 years. He is now retired and pursuing interests in hiking, kayaking, nature study and wood crafting. He is passionate about ecology and published a book entitled New Creation Ecology that is available on Amazon. Tom has seven children and 13 grandchildren with his wife of over 40 years.



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