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Should I move out after getting married?

February 15, 2022  - By George Mattackal

God calls a man to leave his parents to be joined to his wife. But we rarely apply this principle in Eastern cultures. Is it that big of a deal?

Remember Ravi
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Remember Ravi

March 26, 2021  - By But God

Christians have been reeling from a report that found late apologist Ravi Zacharias guilty of sexual misconduct. But there are lessons we can all take away

If God forgives sexual sin, why do I not feel forgiven?

February 25, 2020  - By B Abraham Samuel

Nearly all of us struggle with guilt and regret over sexual sins. How can we recover from those feelings and walk in healing and forgiveness?

What is the marital future for a homosexual?

February 4, 2020  - By Charles Mathew

Homosexuality is one among several sins the Bible condemns. How does a Christian with a same sex attraction orientation go forward?

Is Song of Songs about Christ and the church?

September 17, 2019  - By Rufus Simon Varghese

Believers have long struggled with the inclusion of Solomon’s love poems in the Bible. Understanding its author’s intent can help put the debate to rest

Why is fornication a sin, apart from God saying so?

September 10, 2019  - By Dr. Barry K. Creamer

Is it possible to condemn or reason against sex outside of marraige when one does not believe in God as the ultimate authority?



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