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The still voice

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The still voice
Posted on November 4, 2020  - By Joanne Sam

God tried to speak to you

But you didn’t listen

His still voice disappeared

Into the noise, into the distance


You read His Word for the sake of it

Not caring for what it said

Didn’t pray, but made sure to fake it

Unless you were sick in bed


God said, “Come back, my child”

You said, “I will, in a while”

But you carried on as before

Too busy with your chosen lifestyle


So He said enough’s enough

And put the whole world on pause

No more school, work or friends

Just four walls and memories of a life that was


Dutiful routine faded into the past

Monotony demanded reform

Silence rapidly intensified the boredom

So, creativity fuelled the new norm


You wore out the bristles of the brushes

Cooked to your heart’s content

Did thirty planks and forty crunches

The first few weeks were well spent


You continued to look around

Tired of staring at the screen

Noticed something under the glass

And dusted the old Bible till clean


Now, you really had no excuse

And so you took time to introspect

You realised how far you’d run away

From the God you claimed to respect


So you sat down with the Word

And started begging for forgiveness

You asked your Father to teach you

And heard His voice, in the stillness.

Joanne Sam

About Joanne Sam

Born and brought up in Kuwait, Joanne Sam is currently doing her Bachelors in Media and Communication in Manipal, India. In the past few years, she has been involved in the Children's Evangelical Fellowship ministry, alongside her parents. She loves to sing with her musician brother, Jonathan. Her passion is to teach and encourage young minds to grow in Christ.



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